Cindy Richards

Cindy, owner of Barbers West, has been a licensed barber for over 33 years. The dream of owning her own barber shop in Akron, OH came true in October 2012. Cindy has always enjoyed cutting mens hair and has worked for several different barber shops. Opening her barber shop in Akron has allowed Cindy to provide her customers the haircut experience she believes they deserve. Stop by today and let Cindy work her magic! 

Venessa VanAlmen

Venessa has been cutting hair for over 7 years. Before Barbers West, she worked alongside Cindy and happily followed her with the opening of Barbers West. Venessa loves her two beautiful dogs, Raven and Lizzie. Give Venessa a call and see what she can do for you!  

TJ Subotin

TJ joined Barbers West a year after opening. TJ has been surrounded by barbers his whole life, attending the Akron Barber College, owned by his father. TJ has a daughter who is full of life that he loves to spend time with. He especially enjoys giving his customers a relaxing experience and seeing their reaction after a successful hair cut. Come on in and meet TJ!

Bill Brown

Bill has been a licensed barber for over 8 years and is the newest barber at Barbers West since January 2015. Bill has 4 beautiful children including new twin boys. He would consider himself to be one of the biggest Cleveland sports fan. He loves to watch the Indians, Browns and Cavaliers bring home a victory. Visit Barbers West and get to know Bill!